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Home & Office

Home & Office
Wine Bottle Accessory Set Wine Bottle Accessory Set

Tool kit with combo corkscrew/bottle opener, drip stop ring, combo pourer/stopper.


M-Cups Measuring Matryoshkas M-Cups Measuring Matryoshkas

This set of 6 dry-measure cups nests neatly just like traditional Russian matryoshkas.


Poppin Hot Oven Mitt Poppin Hot Oven Mitt

Keep your hands well-packaged and damage-free.


Sauced Measurer Sauced Measurer

A new kitchen tool no cook should be without!


Citrus Saw and Bottle Opener Citrus Saw and Bottle Opener

Slice the citrus and open the bottle!


Back To School Banner Back To School Banner

This handmade burlap banner is fun addition to family “Back to School” traditions


Mathemagician Pencil Pouch Mathemagician Pencil Pouch

We love the “my writing instrument is akin to a magic wand” implications of the “Mathemagician” pouch.


Cooking Gift Set Cooking Gift Set

Three items for cooks of all abilities


Baking Gift Set Baking Gift Set

Four items for bakers of all abilities.


Ice Cream Pop Mold Ice Cream Pop Mold

Create your own healthy ice cream-shaped pops


Ice Cream Sandwich Molds Ice Cream Sandwich Molds

Create your own ice cream sandwiches


Grammar Mug Grammar Mug

These sturdy diner mugs hold not only 10 ounces of your favorite steaming hot beverage, they hold the very future of the English language.


bookishly prints bookishly prints

Typographic Art Pieces


Puns Intended Prints Puns Intended Prints

Aren't these punny?


Pocket Protectors Pocket Protectors

Exclusive Pocket Protector Kits


Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet

The perfect all-in-one solution


Batterfinger Batterfinger

Go ahead, lick your finger!


Table Island Table Island

Store personal belongings in one convenient location.


365 Fascinating Facts 365 Fascinating Facts

The new brain hygiene routine


Mapnetic Mapnetic

A dry wipe world map for documenting travels and notes.


SpoonBase SpoonBase

A convenient place to rest cooking utensils during use.


Nest 9 Plus Nest 9 Plus

Compact, stacking food preparation bowls


Hands On Salad Bowl Hands On Salad Bowl

Salad bowl with integrated servers.


Uni-tool Uni-tool

5 kitchen utensils in one!


Index Advance with Knives Index Advance with Knives

Four color-coded, categorized chopping boards and knives.


Scratch Map Travel Edition Scratch Map Travel Edition

Personalized, portable map. Perfect for traveling!


The End Bookend The End Bookend

This is the end, beautiful friend, or is it just an optical illusion in a bookend?


Travelogue Travelogue

Travelogue is brilliant...a new journey with every page


iPad Cutting Board iPad Cutting Board

A cutting board that keeps knives and aspiring chefs sharp.


Chef Sleeve for iPad Chef Sleeve for iPad

Your sous chef just stepped up its game!


The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

When every slice has to be precise.


F in Exams F in Exams

Creative and hilarious exam answers


F for Effort F for Effort

250 creative inventions to blunder your way through a test


Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope

The amazing all-in-one digital microscope!


Crazy Cat Lady Board Game Crazy Cat Lady Board Game a cat lady boardgame!


mental_floss: The Book mental_floss: The Book

Only the Greatest Lists in the History of Listory


Set of 4 Pi Coasters Set of 4 Pi Coasters

Coasters that help you remember the digits after 3.14.


Pi Cheese Plate Pi Cheese Plate

Present your appetizers with a bit of math.


Pi Pint Glasses Pi Pint Glasses

A toast to the great formulae


Office Bowl Office Bowl

Start a league and get rolling


Cork Board Picture Frame Cork Board Picture Frame

Keep on pinning!


Foodie Fight Foodie Fight

A trivia game for serious food lovers


Filing Cabinet Business Card Holder Filing Cabinet Business Card Holder

Perfect business cards storage with built-in clock


Freudian Slippers Freudian Slippers

The perfect gift idea.


Steel Pi Bottle Opener Steel Pi Bottle Opener

Beer is a mathematical constant


Salvador Dali Watch Salvador Dali Watch

Surreal or what? Dali Watch


Don't Break the Bottle Puzzle Don't Break the Bottle Puzzle

Give wine locked in this ingenious puzzle


Salt & Pepper Bots Salt & Pepper Bots

Salt & Pepper 'Bots


Strawz Connectible Drinking Straws Strawz Connectible Drinking Straws

Build crazy straw constructions


Stellarscope Star Finder Stellarscope Star Finder

For the Planetary Pacifist (You know, if you like “Stars” but not necessarily Star Wars)


Results 1-50 of 9912