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UFO Bookend UFO Bookend

J-Rod Represent


Bigfoot Bookend Bigfoot Bookend

The Bigfoot Files


Pirate Ship Bookend Pirate Ship Bookend

A Treasure of Books


NE RD Bookends NE RD Bookends

Provide the support your books require and show your nerd pride!


Ikat Gadget Wallet Ikat Gadget Wallet

Don't leave home without it!


Speak, Friend, and Enter with Trees  Doormat Speak, Friend, and Enter with Trees Doormat

"What do you suppose that means?"


House of Learned Doctors Doormat House of Learned Doctors Doormat

A quote from the great film 'Stepbrothers'.


Nice Shoes Doormat Nice Shoes Doormat

Yep, your doormat is doing the talking!


Albert Einstein Doll Albert Einstein Doll

Relatively the most brilliant doll in your toy chest!


Pi Love Cuff Pi Love Cuff

"Love is like Pi - Natural, Irrational and Important."


Pi Pie Plate Pi Pie Plate

Have your pi and eat it too!


That's Amore Tote That's Amore Tote

When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pi...


Pi Pencil Pouch Pi Pencil Pouch

The Pi pencil pouch takes stuff of nightmares and turns them into fantasy


Copper Pi Cuff Copper Pi Cuff

This cuff bracelet has the first 500 numbers of Pi, well 480 to be exact...


Life of Pi Print Life of Pi Print

A very happy and fulfilling life for Mr. Pi


Charles Dickens Pendant Charles Dickens Pendant

"A heart well worth winning, and well won" from Charles Dickens' Our Mutual Friend.


Pride and Prejudice Print Pride and Prejudice Print

A romantic Pride and Prejudice quote, printed onto the original page of an upcycled copy.


Don't Judge A Book By Its Movie Magnet Don't Judge A Book By Its Movie Magnet

Hey! The book was so much better!


Harry Potter Hand Mirror Harry Potter Hand Mirror

Will this mirror show the "deepest and most desperate desire of one's heart"?


Pride and Prejudice Hairpins Pride and Prejudice Hairpins

Pair of bobby pins featuring itty bitty snippets of text saved from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen!


Romeo and Juliet Necklace Romeo and Juliet Necklace

A tiny snippet of actual book text from Romeo and Juliet set in a beautiful antique nickel toned bezel pendant!


Harry Potter Bracelet Harry Potter Bracelet

Great gift for a Harry Potter fan or a bookworm! !


Shakespeare Pendant Shakespeare Pendant

A beautiful oval pendant necklace featuring a Shakespearean quote


Sagan Love Print Sagan Love Print

"for small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love"


Happily Ever After Pendant Happily Ever After Pendant

"happily ever after" printed onto an original antique dictionary page


Binary Love Print Binary Love Print

The perfect Valentine's Day gift for the romantic geek in your life!


Potter Time Print Potter Time Print

After all this time?


Killin Me Smalls Print Killin Me Smalls Print

"You're Killin' Me, Smalls!"


Potter Dreams Print Potter Dreams Print

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."


Über Geek Jumper Über Geek Jumper

Oh baby, this is a smart-looking jumper.


TeACoaster TeACoaster


Isaac Newton Mac Decal Isaac Newton Mac Decal

Handmade by Ivy Boersma


William Tell Decal William Tell Decal

Handmade by Ivy Boersma


PunsIntended Prints - Set 2 PunsIntended Prints - Set 2

The puns are absolutely intended.


Puns Intended Prints Puns Intended Prints

Aren't these punny?


bookishly prints bookishly prints

Typographic Art Pieces


Dictionary Pinecone Ornament Dictionary Pinecone Ornament

These are the smartest-looking ornaments we’ve seen!


Results 1-50 of 7212