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Einstein's Riddle


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A philosopher and mathematician presents fifty of the most engrossing, ingenious riddles ever devised.

Riddles, paradoxes, and puzzles have been confusing and delighting people for millennia. Zeno of Elea wondered how a hare could ever catch a tortoise in a race: every time the hare catches up, the tortoise has moved very slightly ahead. Schrödinger had his cat, Bertrand his box, and Russell his paradoxes.

These time-honored mind benders have tantalized and mesmerized us for years. Now, in one book, Jeremy Stangroom presents the classics in this field: the Monty Hall Problem; the Liar’s Paradox; the Hangman’s Paradox; and, of course, Einstein’s Riddle. Stylishly designed and lucidly written, this book is a classic of its genre. It’s perfect for beginning logicians—Einstein devised the titular riddle when he was a child—and advanced thinkers the world around.

By turns infuriating, fascinating, and gloriously satisfying, these puzzles will keep you thinking and guessing from beginning to end.

Product Details
• Hardcover
• ISBN-13: 9781596916654
• Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
• Publication date: 5/19/2009
• Pages: 144
• Product dimensions: 5.82 (w) x 8.06 (h) x 0.72 (d)