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MBA Degree in a Box


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You have the next big idea in business and no money left over for an MBA? Or perhaps you just want a quick refresher course. Well you're in luck, mental_floss has added an MBA Degree in a box to our graduate program. You'll learn everything you need to know in business; even if you don't have a good or service to offer!

Your degree in a box includes:

Business School in 96 Pages: This mini-textbook features legitimate information on Getting Dressed (because looking the part is half the challenge, and Basic Economics (Or, why your tuition is $14.95 instead of $19.95), plus sections on Finance, Marketing, Business Ethics and other standard business school fields of study.

Captains of Industry Trading Cards: They're all here - from Henry Ford to Steve Jobs with their portraits and important stats, on baseball-style trading cards.

CEO Case Study Cards: You're in Charge - What Do You Do?

Mini-Business Challenge: Even Bill Gates would have a tough time with these tantalizing trivia questions. They come complete with detailed answers on an accordion-folded exam.

Diploma (one side in Latin, reverse in English): Suitable for framing and showing off.