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Med School in a Box


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So you're thinking about med school but you're not ready to devote the next ten years to grad school. Or perhaps you're already a doctor and just want a quick refresher course. Either way, we're more than happy to help. Med School in a Box offers instruction in anatomy, physiology, neurosurgery and other impressive-sounding subjects. It includes:

Med School in 96 Pages: This mini-textbook features legitimate information on Gross Anatomy (parts of the body you probably don't want to eat), and Clinical Rotations (where you get to use you basic knowledge of medicine on hapless patients), plus sections on surgery, pediatrics, neurology, obstetrics, and other standard med school fields of study.

Heroes of Medicine Trading Cards: They're all here - from Hippocrates to Benjamin Spock with their portraits and important stats, on baseball-style trading cards.

Medicine at a Glance Cards: Quick reference information on How to Stop Bleeding, How to Treat a Snake Bite, How to Determine If a Body Is Dead, and much more.

Extra-Credit Course Cards: Information that didn't fit in our 96-page textbook but our attorneys claim we have a legal obligation to share with you.

Mini-Medical Boards: Even Doogie Howser would have a tough time with these tantalizing trivia questions. They come complete with detailed answers on an accordion-folded exam.

Diploma (one side in Latin, reverse in English): Suitable for framing and showing off.