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Cat Scratch Turntable Cat Scratch Turntable

Go DJ Kitty, GO!


Crazy Cat Lady Board Game Crazy Cat Lady Board Game a cat lady boardgame!


Humunga Stache Humunga Stache

A fun fetch toy that's a ball and mustache all in one.


Humunga Tongue Humunga Tongue

A fun fetch toy that's a ball and tongue all in one.


Humunga Lips Humunga Lips

A fun fetch toy that's a ball and lips all in one.


Smarty Pants Dog Toy Smarty Pants Dog Toy

Keep your dog busy while building brain power


Albert's Glasses Dog Toy Albert's Glasses Dog Toy

A brainy toy for any smart dog


Pavlov T-Shirt Pavlov T-Shirt

The Name that Rings a Bell


Hedgehogs Can't Share T-Shirt Hedgehogs Can't Share T-Shirt

Sharing is caring. Didn't they get the memo?


$75 Gift Certificate $75 Gift Certificate

Need a gift but can't decide? Give the one-size-fits-all gift.